Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Mystic Rhythms ~ 'Syrianna'

Poetry Of Sorts
~ Syrianna ~


Another village massacred
In the name of freedom
Or is it oppression?
Or opposition
I wonder which side
They'll all be on
When the fighting's over
And there are no more sides

Another embassy bombed to hell
Or is it heaven
Or purgatory
Depending on
Which side you're on
Although now all the walls are down
You could say
There are no more sides

Another unit on night patrol
Ambushed by terrorists
Or freedom fighters
Or mercenaries
Choosing sides for a day
With reasonable pay
And a bit of a thrill
Doing things their way

Our lives are full of sides to be on
Or teams or nationalities
Or species
And the randomness of it
Makes me squirm
Or laugh like when
I boiled the ants
On the grass
  As a kid
Because I could
I guess I'd chosen sides


© 2012 
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