Monday, 17 September 2012

Mystic Rhythms ~ 'You Are Here'

Poetry Of Sorts
~ You Are Here ~

You Are Here

You Are Here
Is there anything else you need to know?
You are here
The little sticker tells you so
Held in fear
Without a clue which way to go
You are here
A finger held out tests for snow

You are here
Like a babe in a bucket trying to grow
You are here
So tired of going with the flow
Too much beer
But not enough to hit death row
You are here
A-watching life pass in slow-mo

Feeling queer
With a sense of a time to slip the bow
Single tear
Upon your cheek it's time to glow
You are here
A mind made up to skip the woe
Life so dear
It's now to go and face the foe

You are here
Gonna grab that sticker like a pro
You are here
With no more moments left to blow
Get this clear
You'll sweep down mighty like a crow
You are here
And there's something you have to show


© 2012 
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