Sunday, 11 November 2012

Moving On

Poetry Of Sorts
~ Moving On ~

Moving On

This dying business is a bit of a pain
I've just bought the damn tickets for the train
That last poem I wrote was utterly vain
I'll be blowed if it doesn't look like rain
This bloody timing does in my brain
& if she has to do the ironing again
She'll kill me

If I'd known in a few hours I'd be gone
I wouldn't have left the heating on
I guess I've been looking kinds of wan
But I'd never have had these pyjamas on
If she feels likes she's fallen for some sort of con
She'll kill me

This fading away is a bit of a bind
I hope the bank manager doesn't mind
It might sound like I'm being unkind
But if she finds out I went and left her behind
She'll kill me

I never thought I'd be off tomorrow
There's so many things I still wanted to borrow
& if she gets stuck with the brunt of the sorrow
She'll kill me


© 2012 
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