Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My Dog

Poetry Of Sorts
~ My Dog ~

My Dog

My dog's got a mind of his own
My dog calls a bone a bone
My dog jumps from windows gaping
My dog flies through curtains draping
My dog poos in precious places
My dog enjoys licking faces
My dog slumbers at my feet
My dog always loves to eat
My dog breaks out once a week
My dog gives my toes a tweak
My dog loves his daily walk
My dog ignores me when I talk
My dog follows me around
My dog keeps his nose to the ground
My dog's a sheep in wolf's clothing
My dog's absence is my loathing
My dog's a food finding sleuth
My dog's cool and that's the truth
My dog adopted me one day
My dog is here and here to stay


© 2012 
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