Friday, 12 August 2016

Internal Workings (of An Abstract Mind)

Poetry Of Sorts
~ Internal Workings (of An Abstract Mind) ~


"Sab Will" "Mystic Rhythms" Poetry: "Internal Workings (of An Abstract Mind)"

Internal Workings (of An Abstract Mind)

I've thrown rainbows at the sky
They landed in puddles
So I splashed

I've known goddesses Greek and Gallic
Lost my religion
When they clashed

I've sipped from myriad murky seas
Slipped and fell
Almost drowned

I've siphoned silent symphonies
And lurching lullabies
Endless sound

I've tasted seven types of tyranny
Indulged others' dreams
Mine were stashed

I've studied pyramids of old Euclid
Applied brave systems

I've offered up my very soul
Taught savage tribes
Stood my ground

I've populated planet Earth
Now come inside
See what I've found

by Sab Will

© 2016 
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