Thursday, 11 August 2016

Purple Promise

Poetry Of Sorts
~ Purple Promise ~


"Purple Promise" by "Sab Will" (for "Jenny Joseph")

Purple Promise

I wrote her a letter, perfectly polite
Inquiring if maybe she possibly might
Now that she's, well, not quite so terribly young
Help clear up a question that's horribly hung
In the air like a unsung song wanting to soar
To an eight-year-old's ears who can't wait any more

I wrote her a letter, imperfectly trite
From a fifty-year-old feeling dreadfully slight
Drifting light down the decades, casting around
Drowning in dapples, sinking in sound
But as boundaries break down, she's over four-score
I'd love to discover the colour she wore

As she opened my letter, implausibly bright
That I wrote between twilight and tumbling night
With a warning of writing inspired by her flows
I slipped in some poems and purply prose
And a bracelet of fake amethyst I suppose
So she'd honour the outrageous oath that she swore

To a curious kid with a wish to explore
And get answers to wisen his whimsical core

by Sab Will
For Jenny Joseph, who wrote the famous poem, Warning, and to whom I've just written asking if, in fact, she does wear purple now that she's 'not as young as she used to be'. I'll let you know what she says... (August 2016)

© 2016 
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